Below is a list of statements. Please read each statement carefully and rate how frequently you feel or act in the manner described. Circle your answer on the response form. There are no right or wrong answers or trick questions. Please answer each question as honestly as you can.

Never, Rarely, Sometimes, Often, Always

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Affective empathy - the ability to respond appropriately to people and situations. Affective empathy is sharing an emotional experience - one of feeling together. Aggressive people have almost half the affective empathy of others. Think about if you tend to be indifferent when you see other people experiencing hardships?

1. I remain unaffected when someone close to me is happy.
2. I feel pleased when someone tells me some good news they have just had.
3. I can feel when others are sad even when they do not say anything.
4. If I saw my friend being made a fool of, I would feel uncomfortable.
5. Seeing a man pointing a gun at an unarmed person would make me feel frightened.
6. I am very blunt, which some people take to be rude, even though this is unintentional.
7. I get upset if I see people suffering on news programs.
8. I am able to make decisions without being influenced by people’s feelings.
9. People often tell me that I went too far in driving my point home in a discussion.

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