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Empathy is a catalyst for better relationships, businesses, and a better world. Leaders today face a host of challenges including turnover, uninspired employees, and lagging results. Dr. Nicole Price is engineering empathy with leaders across the country. Her solutions are simple but require hard work. In her workshops, Dr. Price shows leaders her proven methods for sparking an Empathy Revolution within their businesses.

  • Learn the tools for creating stronger leadership outcomes.
  • Find out how to prioritize people over policies.
  • Discover the dangers of leading without empathy.
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Hosted in the heart of America, Dr. Price’s Empathy Summit welcomes Empathy Revolutionaries from across the globe to Kansas City, Missouri. Designed to create something new, lasting, and life-changing, the annual summit is an opportunity for our movement to come together, inspire each other, and spark empathy. Revolutionaries will feel an energy that has assured Dr. Price of empathy’s power to change the world. This is not a seminar: it’s an empathy party.

  • Enjoy an atmosphere of music, fun, and inspiration.
  • Free resources and tools to start your journey.
  • Inspirational exercises that spark empathy.
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Inspired by the experiences that sparked empathy in Dr. Nicole Price’s life, Spark the Heart: Engineering Empathy in the Workplace is an urgent call-to-action for leaders, employees, and individuals of all backgrounds to awaken to the empathy we are all capable of and then put that empathy into action, engineering better organizations. Dr. Price’s book is essential reading for all aspiring Empathy Revolutionaries.

  • Empathy is like a muscle. It can be built.
  • How leaders are the spark to create better workplace culture.
  • Proven strategies for showing up as empathetic when it matters the most.
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