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Prioritize empathy in the workplace & become a better leader.

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Dr. Nicole Price

CEO of Lively Paradox / Keynote Speaker

Dr. Nicole Price is the CEO of Lively Paradox. Her work brings the power of empathy to companies across the country. Dr. Nicole sheds light on what leaders can do to create organizations that retain top talent and help their bottom line in the process.

Bring Empathy To Your Business

With her book, Spark the Heart: Engineering Empathy in the Workplace, Dr. Nicole Price makes the case for prioritizing empathy in the workplace, especially as a leadership skill that can be learned, built, and developed.

Flex Your Empathy Muscle

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Spark The Heart by Dr. Nicole Price

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Nicole Price speaks to audiences across the country about the value empathy brings to organizations and individuals. In her keynotes, she shares how empathy has evolved beyond a soft skill and the practical efforts we can make today to bring tangible results to our lives and businesses.

Overcome the unthinkable

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