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Empathy, often dismissed as a soft skill by leaders, is actually one of the most undervalued skills at their disposal. With her book, Spark the Heart: Engineering Empathy in the Workplace, Dr. Nicole Price makes the case for prioritizing empathy in the workplace, especially as a leadership skill that can be learned, built, and developed.

Inspired by life experiences that awakened her to empathy, Dr. Price has come a long way since her days as an unempathetic leader. In recounting the stories that set her on the journey of empathy she is on today, Nicole proves to today’s leaders that empathy isn’t just something you’re born with, but something we are all capable of, and something that is urgently needed in today’s polarized world.

Nicole’s aim, in her words, is to “have a real conversation about empathy. I cannot give you life-altering experiences, but I can help you to recall the experiences you have had when it is time to flex your empathy muscles. I know that there are far too many people who do care deeply about people who are showing up in unempathetic ways because they haven’t had certain experiences but also because they have not even thought about there being other ways to build empathy.”

Dispelling common empathy myths like empathy makes you weak, that it’s all give and no gain, Nicole points out early-on that the business case is strong, and unavoidable. The top 10 companies in the Global Empathy Index 2015 increased in value more than twice as much as the bottom 10 and generated 50 percent more earnings (defined by market capitalization). There is a correlation as high as 80 percent between departments with higher empathy and those with high performers. And, 87 percent of CEOs believe a company’s financial performance is tied to empathy in the workplace, as do 79 percent of HR professionals.

If you’re seeking to develop a new leadership skill, choose one that can give you an unexpected edge over your competition, Spark the Heart is the urgent read you need right now.

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