14 Days of Empathy: A Plan of Intentional and Purposeful Practice

Join me on a journey of intentional empathy, reflection, and practice every day from August 1 to August 14, 2023!

I learned empathy the hard way—through a lot of painful life experiences. I didn’t know the true value of empathy, but now that I have seen and experienced the benefits —I can’t unknow it, nor do I want to. In fact, I want you to help me take it a step further and help more people practice empathy every day!

Whether you entered your empathy journey kicking and screaming like I did, or you have always been someone who could empathize with others, it’s important to understand that no matter where you are on your journey, people can learn to be empathetic by building their empathy muscle through holding each other accountable.

So, together, let’s commit to building our empathy muscle with intention from August 1 to August 14, 2023!

Getting Started

If you haven’t already taken our Empathy Assessment, I encourage you to do so before our collective journey begins on August 1st. You can find the assessment here.

Invite the people in your life to join you. Family, friends, and colleagues can be a source of ideas, encouragement, and accountability, and you can be that source for them, too.

Week one will be all about noticing and reflecting on the empathy that is happening around you. In week two, you’ll draw on your observations and reflections from week one to practice offering and receiving empathy within the context of your daily interactions. Each day will encompass a specific focus and provide you with reflection and practice examples.

I encourage you to write down your empathy reflections and experiences at the end of each day.

After your 14 days of empathy reflection and practice, take the Empathy Assessment again and reflect on your progress, challenges, and thoughts on how to continue the practice of empathy in your daily life. If you are comfortable sharing your empathy story, I invite you to share it with me here or email me at info@drnicoleprice.com. I’d love to hear from you!

Before we begin, I want to remind us all of the Benefits of Empathy:

  • Empathy decreases our stress levels, and reducing stress leads to better sleep, lower blood pressure, and a boosted immune system. As a bonus, the healthier we are, the greater our capacity to be empathetic.
  • Empathy—listening for understanding—opens the lines of communication enabling us to build trust and strengthen our relationships.
  • Empathy increases self-awareness which leads to personal growth and development.
  • Empathy increases our willingness to help others.

What are you waiting for? Join the Empathy Revolution today!

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